Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer 2014 Simulcast Part IX: Murder, Espers, and cheaters

And it looks like there will be a part X as well because the drama That's Ok It's Love will be starting on the 23rd of July and I saw a few other trailers for things coming out soon for Kdramas.

ST: Scientific Task Force
Simulcast on DramaFever

Yet another Police Crime Drama. For me I don't usually go for this type of thing unless there is something really special to strike my interest. Yes I do like Detective Conan as Well as Grandpa's Over Flowers and they both are in that type of genre with a little bit of sci-fi and evil secret organization to keep me in. Now the interesting thing about this JDrama is that  like Grandpa's Over Flowers you have a special team with exceptionally talented members with flaws. However, this time the flaws are emotional issues. One was a hikikomori up until a year before and has serious social issues, one has claustrophobia, one has a fear of order and can't think if things are to orderly, one is afraid to fall asleep because they think they will die, and the other is terrified of sharp objects and even sharp words and doesn't speak anymore. Each one of them suffers a mental wound but they are brilliant. Emotional suffering seems to be very important in the first episode. There is one scene about half way through the episode when the ST chief is complaining about things to another police officer but then goes on to say that the reason he is so hung up on keeping that team together is because they are exceptional and wants them to shine. The bartender, who just retired from being the ST boss, then goes on to tell the two officers that every one has emotional wounds even the suspect for the case they are working on. Everyone has ways of dealing with them seeking comfort or even withdrawing from the world. Saying that the world has become a twisted place where people do net bashing and cause people emotional wounds. This theme seemed to permeate the whole episode and is the reason I am willing to try a second episode when it becomes available.

Tokyo Esp

It's Christmas and Tokyo has been taken over by the Espers. They attacked the capital building levitating it into the air broadcasting that now they were in charge as Chaos erupts in the city. But not every esper is bent on world domination. The White Girl is one who everyone is waiting for to show up and save everyone. It seems a bit bloody and Violent in places so far but not as bad as say Akame ga Kill. It might be interesting to watch this.

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

9 minutes was enough for me on this one. About an unhappy married women who decided to steal some lip stick one day at work and then gets caught up with a women who is having an extramarital affair and helps her lie to the Police. Not cool in my book. We are skipping this one.