Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer 2014 Simulcast Part V: Magic Girls, Entertainers, Double Lives

So here are some more current Simulcast titles I have watched.

Love Stage!
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

So even though this one has an interesting premise I probably won't be watching it because it's a Yaoi. The art is nice. I happen to like this mangaka's art style and I do have a manga by her called The Day of Revolution. Now this anime is about Izumi, an otaku from an entertainment family. He has no confidence to enter the world of entertainment and dreams of becoming a mangaka. Unfortunately he has no talent in drawing. Ten years ago he had substituted for the absent actress in a commercial for a wedding magazine. Now the same company is doing a new add with the concept of the children in the commercial getting married. And Izumi's partner in the commercial, Ryoma is now a popular actor, has stated the only way he will do it is if the same cast participates. And so Izumi's brother bribes him into doing it. So now Ryoma and Izumi meet once again. I have to say I do like the first episode. I'm just a bit wary about what might come later. I'm not comfortable with sex scenes and since this is a Yaoi you know it will happen. To be honest I'm not even comfortable with sex scenes in Romances between Men and Woman. Which may sound weird since I did make it through 7 episodes of Game of Thrones before saying I couldn't deal with it and switched to the books.

Fate/kaleid Liner PRISMA Illya 2wei!
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Time for round two of this magic girl show. Even though all the cards have been captured the Ley Lines aren't recovering so now they need to inject mana in. However, something goes wrong and when Illya uses the power of the card something is different this time. It  looks like it's going to be as fun as last time.

Momo Kyun Sword
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Seems like it's a female version of Momotaro. However I was done the moment they pointed out her breasts as being peaches and they were way to exposed.

King of High School

Lee Min Suk is a high school student who feels inferior to his elder brother who is perfect. Even though they look alike his brother is a genius who excells in everything. The day his brother is supposed to return from his studies in Germany so he can start his new job he disappears. Min Suk receives a call from him asking him to take his place and go to work for him. So now Min Suk must lead a double life going to high school and pretending to be his brother. I have to say the first episode seemed a bit dull to me. You have the whole thing with Min Suk and his brother Hyung Suk. Then you have the office lady who got rejected by the Director and then gets drunk and causes a fuss. But over all the first episode is dull when the subject matter is interesting. Luckily episode 2 is a bit better. Since there are currently 7 episodes out I think I'll keep watching and see where this goes.

Trot Lovers
Simulcast on DramaFever

Choon Hee's luck has been bad. She was forced to give up marathon running, her dad has had a string of unfortunate business ventures, and she works hard to pay off the family debts. One day while working as staff at a marathon she sees the arrogant song writer pop star Jang Joon Hyun cheat.  She tries to get the medal for completion back and thus begins their relationship. One which causes Joon Hyun to loose everything. She mean while looses her job, and her father runs away. Now she is trying to raise her sister and get a job while looking for their father. Joon Hyun is told that if he wants a second chance he needs to train a new rookie. That rookie turns out to be Chooe Hee, who loves Trot music. This series looks like a lot of fun. There are currently 6 episodes out.

Love Myself of You
Viki and Drama Fever

This Taiwanese drama is the story of a woman who doesn't trust anyone. Her parents got divorced when she was a child and her father would come after them for money. There was one point in her childhood where she was happy and that was when her mom worked for the family who owns the French  restaurant that she herself now is a chef at. As she was preparing for the contest to see who would become the head sous chef, the head chef told her he would give her the position if she married him. However, she refused and so he set out to sabotage her, by adding an ingredient. The day of he contest a new intern arrives. Who is really her childhood friend, the son of the owner. However, he is hiding his identity as well as his talent. Since he was asked to judge the contest because he had been in France until recently and voted for her rival she hold s grudge against him. Even though he recognizes her she doesn't recognize him. It turns out they are also neighbors. He wants to help her open her heart and be happy. This is a really good series so far. The food is beautiful. Puff Guo, who plays the lead was also in Just You, where she played a very positive and energetic character, however here she plays a role that is the opposite. I look forward to seeing where it goes.