Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer 2014 Simulcasts Part XI: Sleeping Beauty, Mothers, and the Supernatural

More new dramas to watch as a few other kdrama come to a close this week. It looks like there will be a few more starting up as well in the near future. Sure I've been watching Kdrama  for the past 10 years but I definitely watching more now then I did before. I admit I'm liking the dramas more than the anime this season and this is a first and these new ones are very intersting.

Simulcast on DramaFever

So I usually don't watch Spanish programs however, this one sounded interesting.  This is the tale of a young woman who is the best dancer at the art school she is attending. Her parents want her to marry her childhood friend but she isn't interested. One day her and her friends decide to go somewhere "hot" where she meets Lorenzo who runs a small dance school. They fall in love but he thinks she comes from a poor family and because of his sad past where the mother of his son abandoned them to go for money she doesn't enlighten him to the truth. She grows closer to Lorenzo and his son Martin and her friends become jealous and set up a misunderstanding. Lorenzo finds out who she really is and thinks that he was just being played with. He believes she is with her childhood friend. She tries to chase after him but he doesn't want to listen. It turns out she is pregnant and her parents send her away and won't let her contact Lorenzo. After she has her baby she gets very ill with an unknown illness and is going to die. So her father decided to use his cryogenics facility to freeze her until a cure comes. Twenty years later she wakes up. Everyone considers her dead. Her daughter thinks she is her sister, Lorenzo has married one of her friends, and Martin is madly in love with the girl he thinks is a dying patient at the cryogenics clinic where he is now an intern. You have a very apparent sleeping beauty retelling. First off the main character's name is Aurora, just like in the Disney movie. Secondly she is a dancer in a production of sleeping beauty. This actually reminds me of the movie Kiss Me Kate, where the characters are doing a production of The Taming of the Shrew and and yet the musical was a retelling of the same story. In the play she actually plays the part of sleeping beauty. You also see flashbacks to her childhood where she says she wants to be sleeping beauty. In a way you could say Aurora is sleeping beauty because she slept frozen in the capsule for 20 years. Sure there was no awakening with a kiss, but none the less she was a sleeping beauty. This is a similar story in some ways to a shoujo manga I came across once. Where a girl with a terminal illness is cryogenically frozen, but in this case the doctor was her boyfriend and in that one she was frozen 50 years. In the manga just like this show when she wakes up she finds a son of the one she loved who looks identical to the father. Sure this series is a bit more soap opera like then i'd like it to be but the concept is interesting. It was also interesting to see how much Spanish I know when I never actively tried to study it. Since I lived in California for more than 10 years and my grandma is bilingual I was exposed to quite a bit of Spanish plus the fact that i studied French for 6 years also helped, I could pick out the meaning of some things but not enough to go without subtitles. Overall I'd say very melodramatic, good premise, and could be turn out to be good.

Simulcast on

Stella is an artist who has been living in Canada for the past 13 years with her son. She finds out that she is terminally ill and decided to give up working and spend her last days trying to make sure her son is cared for. Her relationship with her son has been strained since she focused on her work but now she wants to find his father and spend time with her child. The father is a happily married man who is unaware that his wife, who was from a wealthy family, through her pride has lost all her money and put them far into debt. Nothing is going well for the family. He was passed up for promotion and they are in a bad financial situation with no where to turn. And the new boss at work is sexually harassing the father. I think that this is going to be very good. I'm sure it will be sad but I think it might become something heartwarming as well. From watching the first episode I rightly guessed that Stella would help them out in and in return to ask for them to take care of her son when she is gone. I also think she will fix her her relationship with her son. This looks like it will be a heartwarming tale of a family coming together and growing through an upcoming loss of life. Something about appreciating life and helping each other.   I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one.

The Night Watchman's Journal
Simulcast on and drama fever

In a world where those who use supernatural creatures and the night watchman who fight to protect the land from them the tribe of Yongsin are able to control evil spirits and is out to revive their Great Serpent God who was sealed in the past. In order to get a hold of the document to free him they attack the crown prince injuring him so that no medicine but the millennial flower can cure him. So the king sets out to obtain the cure. Only to find that the shaman of the mago tribe has been kidnapped by the Yongsin to force her to be their shaman. He agrees to save her and using a bow made by God for the king of the land saves her. Even though the first episode covers only that much, apparently the king gets possessed and the prince decide to become a nightwatchman and seeing the tyranny he is going to save the country. This looks like it is going to be really cool. Whats interesting is that not everyone believes in the evil spirits but the king and the prince have the ability to see them. Sure it's a bit creepy but this has the potential to be a really good story. I have been excited to watch this one since I saw that it was going to be available on Now to just wait and see where this goes and if it lives up to my expectations.