Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall 2014 Simulcast Part II: Suffering, and Second Chances

Some more new stuff to watch and lots more on the way.

Blade Man/Iron Man
Simulcast on and dramafever

Lee Dong Wook stars in this new series as Joo Hong Bin, a man with some serious emotional issues who is lashing out at everyone. He is physically and mentally abusive to all who displease him. Not exactly the most likable character Lee Dong Wook has played.  Hong Bin is a man who when young fell in love with a girl from a poor family. His father disapproved so they eloped. However, his father tracked them down and broke them up. In doing so he not only separated him from the woman he loved but also their child. After loosing everything he loved his anger and resentment grew and grew until he becomes a very prickly character who is close to no one and hurts those around him. Lately he has been experiencing a heightened sense of smell. After injuring two employees he goes to the hospital to compensate and promote them and catches a familiar scent. He follows it and finds that the person isn't his lost love. But Son Se Dong an employee of a company he just purchased and didn't take the employees with the deal.  He overhears she and her college talking about how no one in the industry know what he looks like and he must look like the devil. She says she wants to go meet and talk to him. He in turn is obsessed with meeting her. However, things get in the way of them meeting right away. In fact Se Dong ends up at the airport where a child is abandoned. She can't leave him behind and agrees with the officer to take him home with her. And this child is none other then Joo Hong Bins son. It's as if the three are being drawn together. Now the trailer itself is very strange. It seems to focus more on his displays of uncontrollable rage and being unreasonable rather then showing that this is a man who is suffering. He's a bitter, and angry at the world only because he is hurting so much. In fact I think he may be pushing people away because he's afraid of being hurt again. The trailer I don't think gives that feeling.

The first episode seems really good. It seems he has no idea what is going on. He doesn't know why his sense of smell has become so powerful, and is unaware of the blades. However, Secretary Ko does seem to know and is secretly protecting him by helping vent his anger and keeping anyone from finding out. When he gets very angry strange things start to happen,blades pop out and he faints. All he knows is something is wrong with him.  So far this has caught my interest. Sure the main character is a total jerk but he has the chance to heal and become a better person.

My Spring Day
Simulcast on

This starts out saying no matter how hard you try some things won't come true. But in times like those all you can do is pray for a miracle.  And sometimes it will come true and that this is the story of a miracle. This is about a woman whose life was saved with a heart transplant. Unknown to her, her fiance's relative had provided to the heart. She decides to go to Udo island to hold a memorial for her savior and accidentally meets her fiance's family without knowing it and among them the person who saved her's husband. Who is also the butcher she got into an argument with recently. I'm not sure where this is going yet. She wants to live her life to the fullest since she could have died and now she has someone elses heart. But it could also go the way that she falls for the husband of the woman who saved her life. I have to say it's strange it's called My Spring day since spring is long past. But this could prove interesting. I'll have to watch more to see.