Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall 2014 Simulcast Part III: Marriage

Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo  
Simulcast on Dramafever,, and Crunchyroll

A much beloved tale there are many versions Itazura na Kiss. This live action version from season one as well as the Special episode released today show that it is far superior to the original Japanese Live action drama. Furakawa Yuki does a good job of portraying Irie Naoki as a guy who doesn't show his emotions, but there are moments when you can see that he does feel something. He isn't a cold hearted jerk just someone who doesn't show off his feelings. Sure this is a story that has been done over and over again--we have the original unfinished manga, a Taiwanese adaptation in two parts, a Korean version, an anime, and a bad Japanese live action version--however, this adaptation is well done. It is very charming and fun. If the first season and the special episode leading into the new series are any indication, season 2 is going to be just as good as what came before. Since we are dealing with an unfinished work due to the unfortunate accidental death of the mangaka, it will be interesting to see how they end it. I remember back when the anime was made the ending was based off of the planned ending she had told her husband according to an article on anime news network, It will be interesting if to see if they go with that or if they make some changes. I have been looking forward to seeing more of this since I heard there would be a second season. I had enjoyed watching it when Crunchyroll added the first season and am sure the second season will be equally satisfying. The series is set to be 16 episodes and will be airing a bit later this year. But for now we have the special episode Love in Okinawa to watch and enjoy Naoki and Kotoko's honeymoon.