Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall 2014 Simulcast Part VIII: Books, Magic, Invaders, Otaku

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It seems to be about a bunch of weird people who work in a bookstore and have weird nicknames. Overall i find it boring. And the jokes I don't find amusing. Nor do I find the whole focus in the first episode on erotic books appealing. I watched 10 minutes and was done. This is going on the I will not watch list.

Fate/Stay Night
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

I have to say this is the title I was most excited about seeing. I liked the original anime, which was based off Type Moon's visual novel. This version is done by ufotable, who has done some nice work with Type Moon's stuff and the trailers that have been put out all summer were lovely. So I have been really looking forward to seeing this. The first episode is 47 min and 40 seconds. So it's a nice long double length episode. Episode 0 does not disappoint me. I like that we got to see things from Rin's point of view. I think it showed just what kind of person she is in her normal life as well as what kind of responsibility is heaped on her shoulders. The original anime we had from Emiya Shiro's point of view so getting another angle is refreshing. Overall I felt the episode had a calm before the storm kind of feel. Quite moments of everyday life and peaceful scenery yet knowing that the bloodbath is coming around the corner. The episode does have some fighting near the end briefly. Overall, I think that the animation is beautiful. We'll have to see how they execute this past the prologue. What I'm hoping for from what I've seen is something that is way better then the original anime.

World Trigger
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In a world where the people of an alternate universe are invading, the nly thing standing between the humans of this world and the invaders known as neighbors, is the group known as Borders. Borders use something called a trigger to fight the invaders. Third year middle school student Osamu Mikumo is a member of border, and he has a strong sense of justice, only doing what is right. A new transfer student comes to his class and the bullies decide to pick on him only to discover, the new student may be small but isn't a push over. They try to get him to go somewhere alone but Mikumo goes along. That place they go is the forbidden zone where the neighbors gate is. And while there the gate activates. And Mikumo learns that the new student is a powerful Trigger user and not only that he is also a neighbor. So the premise seems a bit interesting even if the first episode was meh. I'd say I'll give it a few episodes. It could be good.

I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Okay so this is about a woman who marries an otaku. The episodes are 3min and 30 seconds in length. And even if it's based off a 4 panel comic I don't think I have ever seen that many little story segments stuffed in 3 minutes before. I mean you have the wedding, the honey moon, the flight, the porn magazine, earning money with a blog, going to see a movie, watching moe all stuffed into one episode. It seems like a bunch of gags stuck together. Not my cup o'tea.