Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall 2014 Simulcast Part XII: Sega, Invaders, Animation, Piano,

I watched some more anime. I won't be watching the new season of Coffin Princess, since I didn't really get into the first season.

Hi-sCool! Seha Girls
Simulcast on crunchyroll

This is a CG animated anime with episodes at about 11 min and some seconds. You have girls who are representations of old Sega game systems. I believe this would fall into the realm of anthropomorphic moe. The animation reminds me a bit of Atelier Rorona in it's color palette and texture. The movements of the characters seems unnatural. Also there are lame jokes for instance about connecting to the internet using a dial up modem. Then about finding someone to spend your golden years with. Over all I found it boring. It was just 3 cute girls chatting about boring things. If I watch something, heck even if I play a video game, I want something with an interesting story. This series is obviously aimed at the Moe Otaku.

Parasyte -the Maxim
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

So 11 years ago a friend of mine lent me some manga titles he said I had to read. And this was one of the titles. Even though this series was really creepy and I don't do so well with scary things but I did like this. I was surprised recently when I found not only was there going to be a live action movie made for this series but also an anime. Luckily I read this so long ago it's not clear in my memory at all. So I'll be watching it though I might have to look away a bit in places since I don't do well with gore. This is the story of Shinichi, a high school boy who one night wakes up to find a strange creature attacking him. It bores into his arm and starts moving up it. He stops it's advance by tying his earphones around his arm. The next day he finds his hand feels strange and he is out of sorts. Going home early he saves a little girl from being hit by a car. It is then he realizes that his right hand is all wrong. He goes home and threatens to stab it to see if it really is his hand. That is when he learns all about the failed attempt of the parasyte to take his brain. Now in a world where alien invaders are finding their place among humans, murders are on the rise and Shinichi must coexist with the creature who ate his right hand. So far it is pretty good. We'll have to see how well they do with this. And after watching this I should see about rereading the manga.

Simulcast on Crunchyroll

So this series starts with 5 girls in their high school animation club making a film for the cultural festival. At graduation they promise that one day they will work together and create an animated feature. Two and a half years later you see one of them working in the animation industry. You get to see how animation works. But this is pretty slow and boring from what I see in the first episode. I'll try a few more episodes but at the moment I'm feeling bored.

Your Lie in April
Simulcast on crunchyroll

This actually looks like a nice romance. It's about a 14 year old boy whose sick mother had strictly forced him to study piano in order to have him fulfill her dream of being successful in Europe. But when he was eleven she died and he stopped playing piano. He hates the piano and yet he clings to it, making money with  part time job of making karaoke music. He feels like there is no color in his world and that no one will ever love him. One day his childhood friend asks  him to come along with her the soccer team captain and her classmate. He arrives first and sees no one but finds some panty hose and shoes. Then he sees a scene that moves his heart. A girl playing music with children, a scene with blossoms and birds. And he happens to take a picture at the wrong moment getting a panty shot. I know I've read the first chapter of this manga before. But I didn't read more. I have to say that the colors are nice. The first episode, the colors were soft and spoke of springs. Pink trees and falling petals fill the episode. As we are heading into fall and it's getting colder it seems a bit strange to have something set in the spring. But maybe they want to give us a feeling of warmth. So far this looks good. A series about music and love is what I am expecting.