Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall 2014 Simulcast Part XVI: Deceit,

Here's another new title I checked out. There are still a few more titles that haven't started yet but will soon

Liar Game(Korean)
Simulcast on Viki and Soompi Tv

This is apparently the first Korean Adaptation of this manga. There are several live action adaptations in Japan ranging from the small screen to the big screen. One of which was recently made available on crunchyroll and I haven't had a chance to watch yet. The first episode starts with a collage professor telling students never to trust anyone. That humans are creatures who lie. Then he goes on to demonstrate with the class using an examples of lies by omition. Then he tells them it's his last day teaching because he murdered someone. Then the police come in and arrest him. Now it's one year later. Then we go to a young woman who is asked by an old woman to help her find a place. After going a distance the old woman says she needs to use the restroom and doesn't come back. The girl waits an hour. Looks in the bathroom but can't find her. She looks in the bag to find a lot of money inside. She is tempted by the money but tries to resist. She has a lot of debts thanks to her dad. And ends up getting caught by someone shes owes with the money. She runs off saying shes taking it to the police. He tells her the moment she took it home instead of to the police she became a culprit. And that it was most likely dirty money. Outside the police station he catches up to her telling her to take the money pay her debts and live a good life. She says she can't do that in good conscience, ruining the old woman's family. Thats when a phone starts ringing in the bag. The two listen to the person on the other end who tells them she has been chosen as a participant in the Liar Game and if she wanted t keep the 500 million to press one. The debt collector pushes one. And a man dressed as police officer walks up and welcomes her as a participant in the liar game. She doesn't want to  play the many rounds of the game feeling it's wrong. However, when her old teacher who is also a participant talks her into going through the completion and splitting the winnings she finds herself agreeing. Now she finds herself in a competition to deceive her way to win 10 billion. A reality game show where the dark side of human nature comes out. This might be interesting. The man who play the game show host I've seen in a villain role before as well as the second romantic lead so I know he can play both good and bad guys. I like that the debt collector actually seems to care about the main character and be looking out for her. What I can see here is a kind young woman who has a hard life but tries to keep the darkness of the heart at bay. This has a potential to turn ugly. The professor from the beginning who went to prison is being released so it looks like she is going to get his help. So far looks good. Might be a good idea to check out the Japanese version and maybe the manga as well.