Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall 2014 Simulcast part XXII: Scrooge

Mr. Baek
Simulcast on Dramafever and Soompi TV

Mr Baek is a cantankerous old man who doesn't trust anyone. It's his 70th birthday and he's surrounded by relatives who fawn over him while waiting for him to die so they can get his money and company. He also has a heart problem and his doctor has given him some medicine to take wen his chest feels tight and he is having difficulty. He has also been having nightmares where strange men dressed in white enter his room, food and flowers rot as they walk by. Then they surround his bed. While on a visit to the old folks home he meets a young woman name Eun Ha Soo, who ends up getting a job as an intern at his hotel. However, because of a misunderstanding caused by his trouble making son he fires her. She makes a deal with the son to find a necklace he lost in their encounter and he will explain what happened to his father and get her job back. That night there happens to be a meteor shower. On her way to meet the son with the necklace, a car accident occurs involving Mr Baek and a sink hole which suddenly appears in the road. Both Ha Soo and Mr Baek's vehicles end up in the hole.  Mr Baek crawls from the wreckage only to have his heart act up. He ends up spilling his pills--a stone just like the one from the sons necklace just happened to have fallen where the pills did--and he swallows the stone instead of the pills. The stone he ate and the stone on the necklace glowed blue and blue light surrounds him. Thats when all of a sudden he finds himself surrounded by the men from his dream. As the men take his soul away he begs for more time, saying hes never been happy or done anything with his life. Ha Soo wakes up and drags herself from the wreckage and seeing him laying there reaches out for his hand. And he awakens. Help comes and they are taken the the hospital with no serious injuries. At home wile taking a bath he finds himself transformed. This seems to be something along the lines of a combination of A Christmas Carol and 18 Again. He is definitely  an Ebeneezer Scrooge type character hording his money away. Like Scrooge, he's a lonely bitter old man even though in this case he does have a family. This is a tale of second chances. He now has regained his youth and has the chance to find true happiness and possibly even love. When I first heard about this series I felt positively about it and was looking forward to seeing it. I really like stories where people get second chances. I love A Christmas Carol, and Muramasa the Demon Blade because they have this theme within them. Heck one of the great things about KDrama's is the fact that you see some of the most unlikable cruel characters being redeemed in the end. Though not every villain is redeemed this is something that is regularly seen. I like the idea that everyone can be redeemed. So far the first episode is not bad. There are a lot of questions I have though. Who are the strange beings who appeared in his dreams? Were they grim reapers? Why were there so many of them if they are? Also what is up with the blue stones? How long will he stay young? So far I'm happy with this. I'm looking forward to him learning to trust someone and opening his heart.