Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall 2014 Simulcast Part XXV: Laundry, Faces

So the new season of Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo officially started. I need to go watch that. Though it's hard for me to keep up with any series being so busy with school right now. But here are a few new titles that started recently.

Sweden Laundry
Simulcast on DramaFever

Kim Bom likes to do laundry to relieve her stress. She is tired of her mom favoring her siblings as she supports the family. Now she lost her job she plans to make a trip to Sweden to look for a business idea using her severance pay. However, her family wants her to spend it on them. However, after getting drunk with a vacuum cleaner and a cat she decides to open a laundry. Her family though still wants to get money out of her. She meets an artist who is selling a used rice cooker. They argue over the price and he looses his contest piece. When he comes to the laundry she says she will fix the shirt she rips but that she has no idea where his work went. When she touches the shirt she finds that she has developed the ability to have visions touching a persons clothing. It's a special gift her grandma's spirit gave her for opening her shop. Her grandma tells her she can see peoples worries and to help them. If she helps the people who need it she will be awarded with great happiness. It seems silly but cute. Not really anything to think about just a series about a young women who helps others and cleans clothes.

The King's Face
Simulcast on DramaFever

Seo In Guk's last Drama was the King of High School, now he's in the historical drama The Kings Face. This Drama according to Drama fever is loosely based off the movie The Face Reader, which was also just made available on their website. I'll be checking that out when I get a chance too. The first scene starts with the crown prince being deposed for treason. The think I noticed most was that the music was very nice. A bit sad but bold. A king giving hard punishment to those who protested, a young child brutally murdered, the prince looking at the images of the kings of the past lamenting that he doesn't have the face of someone who can rule. These are what the first few minutes of the series contain. There seems to be something about the one who rules needing to have the face of the king or it will bring calamity upon the nation. Physiognomy, plays a big role here. If your not familiar with the term, this is the art of determining ones character from ones facial features and expressions. In the second scene we see that the king when young had been told by the court face reader that he did not have the face of the king and should not rule. But still he was able to grasp power. 22 years later plague and famine have struck. However, his son seems to have the face of the king and he orders that the face reader give him treatments every day to change his face while looking for woman who can complement his own face and change his face to the face of the king. When rebels break into the library to get the secret book of the king's face to prove that the king is not the rightful king it only makes things worse. What we have here is the tale of a King who should never have been king, being jealous of someone who has the ability and destiny to be the rightful king. In a way it's a similar theme to what was in the recent series The Night Watchman, someone not fit to be king brings disaster upon the country, and they are jealous and cruel to the one they know should be on the thrown. We also have a woman who is living as a man. When her brother died of the plague after nursing her as a child she was told she had the face of a woman who would serve two dragons. She just happens to be the woman the face reader is looking for as well as prince Gwanghae's first love. Even though disguised as a man she finds herself dragged in between the two. The  story seems pretty interesting. The soundtrack is beautiful, though in some places I don't think that the western classical sounding score meshes well with the Joseon period. But still it's nice. I would have prefered in some instance to hear something more inline with the setting. Overall this looks good.

Okay so now back to the homework. I have so much to do in so little time.