Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spring 2015 Simulcast Part XVI: Second chances, cheabol, video games

Spring is into it's final weeks and here are three late spring dramas, two of which will be going on into the summer.

When I See You Again
Simulcast on Drama fever

In the past inspector xia had been hurt by the girl he loved. The last thing she told hI'm was he couldn't read people and that he never had a chance with her. He transformed from a nerd into a successful business man who is trained in reading people. He is sent back to his home town--a place filled with bad memories for him-- for a project where he runs into his old love. She now runs a hostel and is in debt to a loan shark for 9 million nt. And through a series of mistakes she's given Xia a bad impression of her current life. However, after hearing about her situation from the village chief and about her being forced to Marry her creditor, he decides to help her. Can he get over his past hurt and give her a second chance? This looks pretty cute so far.

High Society aka The Privledged
Simulcast on Viki

Jang Yoon Ha is the youngest daughter in a rich household. She is unhappy and is seen as the problem child in her house. She is working a part time job at a food mart where no one knows her background. Even though her mother wants to pick her marriage partner and keeps arranging dates for her, she has decided that she wants to find a man who really loves her and not her money. This is the third series I've seen this year where we see the nasty side of the rich. I'm not counting Jeju Island Gatsby because that series doesn't really focus on that topic after the first episode. However, Mask and Heard it through the Grapevine do. What we have in High Society is a girl who wants to escape from her unhappy life. Her family is very dysfunctional. Her father cheats on her mom. Her mom believes a fortune she was read saying that she needed to keep her youngest daughter down since her fate was greater then hers. The eldest son is divorced and the oldest daughter had her engagement broken off. The family is a mess. Yoon Ha just wants to choose her own path and escape from the emotional abuse she gets at home. I doubt this will be as dark as Mask, and the comedy seems like it will be more light hearted then Heard it through the Grapevine. if done right this could be a good drama.

Prince's Prince
Simulcast on Viki

Park Shi Hyun is a young successful entrepreneur. He has just returned to the country after a business trip to be called to the police station where he finds his sister has gottan into a fight with another student who was bullying her for being a geek. Turns out the other girls family was a company he invested in so he just pulls the investment. He's been gone for 5 years and now he discovers that his sister is totally obsessed with video games. He decides to help her and tracks her down at a fan event where he sees her meeting a man dressed in traditional clothing. This is a short series with episodes at around 10 min each. Interestingly this was funded by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as the Korean Creative Content Agency(KOCCA). This is based off a webtoon. Which funny enough I have read the first chapter of. Watching the first episode I was like this seems super familiar. Then I realized I have read the first chapter of this. This series looks like fun. I had wanted to read more of the webtoon past the police station bit. Luckily I hadn't so now I can fully enjoy this. It looks like it will be funny. The series is only running June 8 -19th and will consist of 10 episodes.