Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer 2015 Simulcast Part II: kidnapped, survival, Connection, Wives, Ghosts

Okay this round of summer simulcast is crime drama free. Just the way I like it.

Classroom Crisis
Simulcast on crunchyroll

So I have to say that I felt this anime tried to stuff to many things into one story. This is a high school office worker sci-fi. This takes place in Japan's Mars colony. Students hand picked to work at Kirishima corporation and attend their academy are expecting a new transfer student. However, he is kidnapped. He happens to be the younger brother of the CEO. His new classmates and teacher decide to save him. So they take the new prototype to rescue him and end up destroying it. They save him only to learn he's their boss and he is there to downsize their department because they waste so much money. I was unimpressed by the first episode. Is it a school drama, a sci-fi, or an office drama? It's all 3. And I don't feel it was well integrated. So far I say this is not great. It could get better though.

Aoharu X Machinegun
Simulcast on crunchyroll

Tachibana Hotaru is the student council president and likes to fight to protect other students. Even though Hotaru dresses like a male student she is truly a girl. Her parents have left her to live on her own as a high school student in Japan. Shes excited to move into her apartment until she meets the hot guy standing in front of her door. He is talking on the phone about some girls breasts and then he drops a gun. It turns out that he is also a host who took all her friends money. She challenges him and he says they should fight with guns. That's when she learns about survival games. The flashy neighbor says he will apologize if he looses but if he wins Hotaru will belong to him. She looses only to find her friend had not been tricked and that Matsuoka had thought she was a guy and wants her to join his survival team. I'm not really into survival games but this looks fun. You have the cross dressing girl and the misunderstanding about her gender. She is freakishly strong and her punch breaks things. I think it's funny that Matsuoka was saying that being a host attuned to his customers needs made him excel at being able to see movements. It seemed to be pushing it on the logic in my opinion. However, the story seems fun.

Simulcast on crunchyroll

The day of the big doujinshi event something strange happens. A gateway to another world opens up and creatures and beings from that realm begin to invade this world wreaking havoc. Seeing things getting out of hand and the police unable to handle it while people die, otaku Itami Youji takes initiative to help save people. The self defense forces show up and the enemy is pushed back. Because of his bravery in helping with the evacuation and saving lives Itami receives a commendation and ends up promoted to second lieutenant. However, he is devastated about the event being canceled. He only works in the SDF to support his hobby and has no ambition. And since the event he has no days off. And now he is being sent with his unit into the gate to face whatever lies waiting. This is basically your transported to another world story, except here it's an adult who is trained to fight. He might be an otaku but he is someone who can defend himself and others not just some weak kids thrown into a mess. This looks like it could be really interesting if done right.

My Wife is the Student Council President
Simulcast on crunchyroll

Okay so there are two versions available censored and uncensored. The episodes run about 8 min. This series is about Wakana Ui who runs for student council president in order to do away with the rule students can't date. She wins and that night shows up at the vice presidents house. Apparently when they were young their parents had promised that they would marry and now they are supposed to live together as husband and wife. This is an ecchi series and it looks like its not something I will enjoy. The censored version does cover up the erotic bits with some weird visuals and dialogue but still not my cup of tea.

Oh My Ghostess
Simulcast on DramaFever

Na Bong Sun works at a restaurant in the lowest kitchen position. She has a special ability to see ghosts and can't sleep at night. She inherited the gift from her grandmother who doesn't want her following in her footsteps. Because she keeps falling asleep on the job she is in trouble with her boss, Kang Sun Woo. But not only that he is irritated because she is always apologizing whether she is wrong or not. He yells at her telling her to rethink working in the restaurant business after she gets hurt. So after considering she decided to resign and accidentally takes the freezer key with her. The thing is she just reminds him of when he was bullied as a kid. What he doesn't realize is that she admires him and strives to be like him. She definitely has a crush on him. She also happens to be a blogger he admires. His mother has his fortune done and finds that he will have a ghost attached to him this year but he doesn't believe her.  There is a female ghost who died a virgin and is regretful. She keeps possessing women and seducing men only to fail because they can't handle her ghost chill and end up in the hospital with hypothermia. She's nearing the 3 year mark and if she goes over that time without resolving her grudge she will become an evil spirit. Shes looking for the rare man who can handle her chill and Sun Won happens to be that man. She has been told though possessing people is dangerous because if she meets someone whose frequency matches hers she won't be able to get out. While everyone is looking for Bong Sun the ghost girl possesses her. While possessed her coworkers find her and take her to the restaurant where Sun Woo demands the key much to the confused ghosts surprise. Apparently their frequencies must match and Sun Woo has to be the guy shes looking for. Now Bong Sun has the total opposite personality. Where once she was timid now she is confident and bold. This looks like it's going to be funny,