Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer 2015 Simulcast Part VI: Sisters, Justice, Students

Himouto! Umaru-chan
Simulcast on crunchyroll

When his little sister is at school she seems like the perfect high school girl. However, once home she is lazy and unsocial. Even though he sees a problem with her actions he always gives in when she throws a tantrum. So he is enabling her to act spoiled and lazy. This is pretty much a moe series about a brother and a sister who live in an apartment together. The sister uses her little sister power to manipulate her brother into giving her her way. If you like cute just for the sake of cute it might be something you like. Personally. I found it annoying.

Death Note(JDrama)
simulcast on crunchyroll

So unlike the manga Yagami Light is older then the original story and his family situation is different from the manga.  In this case Light is a high school graduate who works part time at a restaurant and since his mother has passed away he also takes care of the house while his father works. He is working on studying for the civil service exam. He and his friend had been bullied in high school. His friend happens to come from a rich family and the bully would take his money Now that bully has tracked them down again and wants to get more cash out of him. Light might have been a brilliant student but he has no power. On his way home he finds the death note on the street and picks it up. He reads the instructions and then writes the bullies name in the book. He then tries to erase it only to discover there is no erasing once written. The next day he discovers that the bully has died. He is at first horrified. But then he hears his former classmates happiness at being rid of this man who had victimized them. This is different from the manga where the first victim is Otoharada Kuro, a criminal he sees on tv who has taken hostages. In this case he becomes the second victim. Also in this version Detective Yagami actually has a past connection to Otoharada. After killing two people he attempts suicide but Ryuk talks him out of it and convinces him to live on and use the death note. This version of Light seems more decent then in the manga considering he seems more reluctant to take advantage of the power of the Death Note once he knows it is real and need to be convinced someone more evil might get it next. However, once convinced he starts his spree of killing criminals and it starts to be noticed that heinous criminals are dropping dead in droves. A website appears calling him Kira the savior. His sense of justice has become twisted and he seeks to create a peaceful world. Now the mysterious detective L is working with the police and has challenged him. Overall I didn't hate it. I felt the pacing of the story was off though. Though it seemed the aim was to set up the opposition of Kira versus L, which was successfully achieved. Yes this is a different in many ways from the manga, but over all it is the story of a young man who was originally a good person who is corrupted by power. Even it it might not be as good as the manga, it's definitely better then the movies.

Sky Wizards Academy
Simulcast on Funimation

This series takes place in a land floating in the sky. There is an academy and in it is a division that specializes training students to be sky wizards who protect the land from evil beetles who attack and kill people. Fireteam E601 is the lowest ranking at the school. The three students who comprise it are hopeless. So now the school wants to do something about this. Kanata is a talented sky wizard but people call him a traitor. And now the girls of Fireteam E601 call him a pervert due to a mishap involving some toast with jam and washing his pants. Now he has been assigned to instruct firetean E601 and get them up to standards. The whole Jam and his pants thing was ridiculous and could have been left out in my opinion. It pretty much looks like it's going to be one of those harem anime where students with magic powers fight to protect their land. Depending on how it's done it could be decent. However, it could just be one of those series where it's mostly fan service. Though here we did see a guy wandering around in his underwear.