Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall 2015 Simulcast part i: First Love, corruption, hesitation

Time to take a break from homework and check out some new shows.

She was pretty
Simulcast on Viki and DramaFever

Hye Jin is meeting her first love after many years. When she was young she was pretty and he was fat but they have both have changed. She is really unlucky. Her fathers business had failed and she now has a face rash and her hairs a mess. He on the other hand lost weight. But when she's about to meet him she runs away because she's afraid. She decides to ask her pretty and stylish friend to meet him instead. it's because she doesn't want to disappoint him. She thinks she's said goodbye to her first love. Things are also starting to look up for her. She finally gets hired for a job. However, on the first day she rips her pants. And collides with a man and falls to the ground. However, things go well at her job and when she goes to run an errand to the editing department they mistake her as the new person to do proofreading. She does such a good job they request her to be reassigned to their department. What she least expected was that her first love is the new editor. This looks really cute. I have hopes it will be lots of fun. Hye Jin and her first love actually played siblings in their last drama, Kill Me, Heal Me. It will be intersting to see how they do this time. I do like Park Seo Jun and this looks good.

The Merchant: Gaekju 2015
Simulcast on Viki

The Chun family is staking everything on the international market. There is an accident on the way and the head merchant falls to his death. They can't find his body because some people took him and his goods. The head merchants son Bong Sam went to look for him after the others gave up. He finds the people who took his father who was still alive. They were then seen as hero's by the family and ask to make a deal. They want to smuggle cowhide but the Chun family wants nothing to do with it.  However, the heads close friend wants to do it. He had put the group up ad collateral for a loan. Also he is tierd of putting up with nobles. After being attacked by them the Chun group tied them up and left. So now they have made it to the market and now hope to make a good trade. This show seems to have a lot going on. It's about merchants in the Joseon period and it might be interesting. The head merchants friend has gotta into a lot of trouble and put the group into danger. There is lots of couruption  going on.

SImulcast on Viki

This one is about a shy and indecisive young architect named Aoi, who discovers his childhood friend he's always loved is now dating another man named Aoi, who was his high school classmate. The first episode starts with her in a wedding dress and the two men are seen running from different places and a mysterious thing about which Aoi would marry her. So it looks like the series will consist the story that leads up to that point and then show the out come. I have to say the first episode isn't the most exciting and it has quite a bit of flashback. We see Aoi being timid on the job and he seems unhappy. Then when there is talk of first love we flash back to his high school days and see his relationship with Akari. It's slow going but does a good job of setting the back story. We can see that Aoi is not the most assertive person, and when he's most excited about things he has always screwed up in the end. And then when it was important he became afraid and hesitated and made bad decisions. It will be interesting to see how this love triangle develops.