Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall 2015 Simulcast Part VI: Teddy bears, Sauce, Cime, kings, investigation

Okay finally found time to take a break from school work to check out a few more shows.

Teddy Go!
Simulcast on Viki

Starts out with a murder scene. Then 3 months later we meet a girl working at an amusement park who discovers her boyfriend got a new girl. She ends up getting fierd. She then wins a Teddy Bear at a shooting game. Apparently it's not her first time loosing a job. Her mom says if she looses a job she should become a chef like her uncle. She then hears a voice but thinks she's imagining it. It turns out the bear is haunted by a man. He tells her he has unfinished business only she can help him with. He apparently hI'd money when alive and says he will pay her to help him. She doesn't want to be a chef so she agrees. And she gets drawn into a murder mystery.  The man haunting the bear is a detective who was investigating a murder and was killed. So now he wants to solve the case. It's a bit silly really. It's not really something I'm enjoying.

Taste of Love
Simulcast on Viki

So the main character seems to be a girl who loves good food and is a tour guide. She likes food more than jewels much to tge annoyance of her boyfriend. Then there is a man named Wen Feng, who doesn't believe in love. When his girlfriend proposes he gets angry saying he only sees her as a friend and that she knew from the start his feelings. His family owns a famous restaurant in Macau, which the girl who is a tour guide says has a special secret sause.  Unfortunately her your isnt going well. They had booked to eat st the resturant. But the reservstion was canceled and she wasnt told until it was time. The restaurant isn't having a good day either. They have an important guest and Wen Fengs mother, who is the only one who can make the secret sauce is hospitalized and not gaining consciousness. Now the resturant is in trouble. So Wen Feng goes to Taipei you search for the recipie. Taipei happens to be where the girl whose a your guide lives. She's assigned to help him but mistakes him for a pervert. His wallets stolen so she agrees to help him out. She takes him home to catch her boyfriend cheating on her. They both now have no place to go.  The opening sequence is really cute with dancing and bubbles. It's charming. This is one of those shows where the food is beautiful and the people look like they are enjoying it.

Love Me if You Dare
Simulcast on Viki

This one looks pretty seious. It's about a criminal psychologist.  Which isn't my style. But it might be good for the crime drama junkies.

Six Flying Dragons
Simulcast on Viki and Drama fever

Yi(Lee) Bang Won, anyone who knows their Korean history knows this is the son of Lee Sung Gye, founder of the Joseon dynasty. This is the story of a young man destined to be  a king. We see the story of how his father rose from being a general to be a powerful man, the power struggles between the different factions, and how Bang Won grows and learns tge ugly things going on in society and what role he needs to play. This looks very good.

Angel Heart
Simulcast on Crunchy roll

By the same author who wrote City Hunter, this drama is about Kaori and Ryo are getting married. This is apparently a sequal.  But he isn't being much help. Now they have a new case to investigate. I haven't seen or read city hunter so I'm not sure about this.