Friday, March 25, 2016

Sakuracon 2016: Yen Press Panel

New Stuff

Grim Reaper and Four Girlfriends. About a boy who only likes shoujo. Not living life in his life to the full. So the shinigami comes for him. He promises to find love so he randomly gives 4 love letters and is accepted by all 4. Digital only.

Little Witches Necklace. Takes place in France during time of which hunts. About a girl whose powered are kept in check and she's isolated until sheeets an open minded American tutor. Digital only. 1 time a month.

Aoharu x machinegun. Printed version. About a girl with a song sense if justice who is mistaken for a boy and joins a paint ball team. First volume released in fall.

Today'she Cerberus printed version. About a boy who lost a piece of his soul when bit as a puppy. Turns our it was cerberus. She comes back as a girl when he's in high school.

Rose Gun Days Season 2. Alternate world where Japanese surrendered in wwii and people trying to go on with their lives.

Purcell Madoka Magica sadness Prayer. Prequel to Oriko

Soul Eater Soul Art 2. Art book released in fall. Slip cased collectors edition. Elaborate coproduction with partners in Europe

Yana Tobosi Black Butler Artworks 2. Collectable artbook.

Scum's Wish print version. About two kids known as the perfect couple but really like two teachers. Seem like having something going on but they are comforting each other.

Tohyou Games print. Horror mystery feel. So there is a popularity vote. Least popular dies. But who.

Kiniro Mosaic 4 panel comic. About Alice from Britain and she's a fan of Japan so she transfers to Japan.