Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring 2016 Simulcast part VII: Witch, lunch, twins

Flying Witch
Simulcast on crunchyroll

It's about a high school girl who just moved to live with relatives in Tohoku. She also happens to be a witch. It feels like a slice of life just with fantasy elements. She seems to be a bit ditzy. Since she let's her secret out and seems to think a mandrake is a great gift. It seems a bit boring to me so far.

Three Leaves, Three Colors 
Simulcast on funimation

It's about three girls: a glutton, a mean class's rep, a former rich girl. They basically share lunch together. This is one of those series that pretty much seem to 3xist to be cute.

Love at Seventeen 
Simulcast on Viki

About a young man whose parents divorced when he was young. He was separated from his twin sister at the time. 13 years ago, on his 16th birthday his father is in critical condition. Even though his father wrote to his mom and sister there was no reply. He is anxious because his dad is seriously ill but it seems like his mom and sister don't care. So he decides to go to them. He accidentally mistakes his sisters friend for his sister. And decides to get her into trouble when he transfers into her school. He frames her for smoking. However, when he learns that she isn't who he thought he feels bad. From the enigmatic scene at the beginning which takes place in the present it seems that this is about a man who missed his chance with the girl he loved back in high school. This looks like it could be decent even if it's melodramatic.