Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer 2016 Simulcast Part IV: age, curses, position, love, eunuchs, online, news

The late summer dramas are starting. I know I am a bit late starting the first few. More will be starting in the next week.

Love by Design
Simulcast by Viki

This is a remake of the Korean drama Baby Faced Beauty. It is about a woman in her 30's who looses her long time job at a textiles factory only to find her age is a problem in getting a new one. So she pretends to be her 25 year old sister and ends up getting a job at a fashion company. I feel the chinese remake doesn't have the charm of the original. It is cheesier and the acting isn't as good.

My Little Princess
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a girl who seems to have everything. She is the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man. He passed away without any other children so she is seen as a legitimate heir. His widow has decided she is going to marry another wealthy families son, but he hates her. She seems to think she has a curse where everyone she likes dislikes her. At the party where her fiance returned home she mistook hos senior from college for him and he even saves her from drowning in the pool when she is rejected. Even though she wants to win her fiancees heart and then crush it for revenge she keeps running into his senior. It could be he is her prince. It seems pretty cute and silly. I found it interesting that we get her backstory as if it were a fairy tale.  Plus some of the situations she gets into are hilarious, for instance running away from gangsters with a guy dressed up in a cute angel bear costume. Over all this looks like fun.

Cinderella and Four Knights
Simulcast on Drama Fever

Ha Win is a senior in high School. She lives with her step mother and step sister while her father travels the country working as a long haul truck driver. She is treated as an out cast and in order to earn her college tuition she works a lot of part time jobs. She just needs a bit more and she has enough for her first year. That is when she discovers her moms place at the charnal house hasn't been paid and the amount owed is 5 million won. Which is about as much as she has saved. So she decides to take a job as a rich guys date to a wedding. Only to find herself in the middle of a childish plot to mess up the guys grandfathers 5th wedding. Instead of causing problems she shows the grandfather she is upright and the solution to his problem with his grandsons. The grandfather tracks her down and offers her a live in job to reform the young men and when she is kicked out of her home after learning she isn't even her fathers child she accepts the challenge. The only thing is dating is not allowed. This looks cute. It has been touted as being similar to Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango), since you have rich guys and a poor girl. Though i doubt any of these guys are any where as nasty and mean as the boys of f4. Personally i found the kdrama version of Hana Yori Dango off putting even though it is pretty popular. So far I believe that the grandsons here are not at that level. I think that what is going on here is each one is having emotional issues. You have 3 young men thrown together who didn't know of each others existence prior, and it doesn't look like they are given much besides money. There is a lack of affection here. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Second to Last Love
Simulcast on Drama Fever and Viki

This series seems to focus around two individuals whose relationship starts off rocky. We have a career woman who produces dramas. She is in her 40's and has never married. It seems though something may have occurred in her past causing her to give up on love. Then we have a man in his 40's who has also given up on love along with his dreams. He became a Civil Servant after giving up his dreams to support his family. Apparently his wife died in some kind of accident and his family is the most important thing to him. These twos lives have become entangled through work and the fact that she moved in next door. As they interact it seems like they are starting to see each others good points, even if she has a much younger man pursuing her as well. The way it is set up I would say it is obvious the younger man has no chances. I think this will be a story of two individuals who were previously hurt when it comes to love opening their hearts and finding love again.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a young woman who is living as man.Her foster father is sick and in debt and wants her to leave him so she can live her own life.  She helps people with love problems and even writes love letters for them to earn money. She writes a letter for a noble man and when he gets a response he pays her to take him place to meet her because she is someone he shouldn't love. But instead of the target of the letter she meets her brother, the crown prince. She thinks though that the reason it was forbidden was the target was a man. After leaving him in a ditch when he wants to prove her identity she finds she is wanted for helping someone's daughter in law elope. She then finds herself kidnapped and sold to the palace to be a eunuch. That is where she once again meets the crown prince, who is keeping his identity from her. Even though she is trying to fail the test to be a eunuch so she can get out the prince does everything he can to make sure she stays. This drama looks like it could be fun. You have the funny exchange based on misunderstandings and there is also political drama as people struggle to gain power. If done right this could be good. This is going to be a cross dressing love story. It should be a lot of fun.

Love 020 
Simulcast on Drama Fever

This Chinese drama is based off a novel about a couple who fall in love in a mmorpg. It is about a smart young woman who is attending an university in Beijing. She is majoring in computer science and she loves games. Since she won't share her photo online everyone thinks she is not really a girl and her partner in the game dumps her and ends up with the girl voted prettiest in the game. After watching their wedding procession in the game she is approached by the number one male player asking her if she would like to become his partner and having an even grander ceremony. She agrees since the first time she partnered up to have someone to quest with now shouldn't be any different. What she doesn't know is a student at her school and in the same department. A very well known student who she even admires. He also seems to be very aware of her identity from the start. One thing that I liked was the fact that the series mentions how online games help people with disabilities. There is actually a great deal of research available to read about the positive impact that the internet has had on people who suffer from autism, anxiety and mobility type disabilities. I liked that the main character finds her dream by interacting with the disabled boy she tutors as well as the fact that her dream is to make a game to help others who are limited by disability be able to expand their worlds. What we have is a tale of two people who fall in love after meeting in a game. A very modern and nerdy romance. So far I really like this.

Jealousy incarnate
Simulcast on Drama Fever

So this is about a really unlikable new announcer with complicated family issues. After reporting his brothers unethical business practices and incurring the wrath of his brothers women, who are also announcers, he runs away to be a foreign corespondent in Bangkok. Now he is back in Korea and meets once again a weather girl who has had a long time crush on him. She is convinced he has breast cancer and should get checked after accidentally touching his chest. He just finds her annoying. However, it looks like she might be right. On the other hand the weather girl is having her own troubles being stuck in a thankless job and treated with scorn. After her junior gets her drunk before she is supposed to film she gets herself into trouble. Now she says she isn't interested him he seems to be feeling something. This one seems to be slow in the beginning and complicated. On one hand we have a man who is estranged from his family.  Then we have unfairness in the work place. Third we have the love triangle. Could be interesting or boring depending on the direction it takes.