Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall 2016 simulcast part 1: politics, mortality, suits, loser, drinking

Now that I am finished with PAX, it is time to watch some new shows. So we are in the last weeks of summer so the new shows will be going into the fall and so far they look good.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Simulcast on Dramafever

This remake of a chinese series is set at the beging of the Goryeo dynasty just like Shine or Go Crazy. In fact the series have the same charachters. King Taejo had many sons and they were caught in a battle for succession. The series is about a woman whose boyfriend cheats on her. While being upset she saves a boys life only to find herself in danger. She finds herself transported back to the Goryo period in the body of a previous incarnation. Where she finds herself between brothers who ate in love with her. Can she change their tragic fates. The series is really interesting. I like it better than the original series. Lee Jun Ki is always amazing in his acting and his action scenes. The man is georgous and the fact he does his own fight scenes is cool. I have to say this is the datkest role I have seen him in and he is doing a good job.

Simulcast on Dramafever

A script writer finds she has 6 months to live while working on a drama with a lead actor who she hates. He is a bad actor and they have a complicated past. Yet as her life is coming to an end they find love. Her friend on the otherhand sees herself becoming a trophy wife for a politicion. He is cheating on her and since she can't have childern her in laws are mistreating her. She is trapped in a baf position. So far most of the charachters in this drama are misrable. The cancer doctor is a very positive man. He was dignosed with lung cancer and he is doing his best to help her to see the beauty and joy in what time she has left. This looks like it will be pretty sad.

Laural Tree Tailors
Simulcast on Viki

Revolves around a taylor shop called the Laural Tree tailors. It is about an old man whose shop is having trouble and his son only cares about working at his wife's familly company. When his health starts to fail as well he decides to run away telling his family to sell the shop as he can't bear too. It appears that his son'in laws might have done something to the buisness. Not only that but the sons mother in law and brother in law have used underhanded means to take over the company. So the son is told if he can't get it back he is getting a divorse. The series actually looks pretty funny. A washed up idol plays a breakup song at a wedding then the cops bust in and you get a police chase with the idol chasing behind for his pay. The series isn't the most exciting and looks a bit slow but it looks pretty interesting. I am going to guess that the son is going to end up dovorsed and the messed up wedding's bride is going to end up with him. They keep running into each other and she is a worker in the shop. Plus her exgangster groom isn't looking to be on the straight and narrow like he promised.

Our Gab Soon
Simulcast on Viki and Dramafever

Gab Soon and Gab Dol have been dating for a long time. Gab Soon has been supporting her looser boyfriend for a long time as he studies for the civil service examn. After a fight over him treating her badly and her loosing her job they break up only to find that he really cares for her and regrets taking her for granted. Personnally I think the writing is bad for this series. I feel like the first episode just jumped from one group of people to the next. It didn't do a good job of even making me care about any of these people. I felt like it was a chire to get through one episode. I also was disgusted with how Gab Dal treated Gab Soon. He treating her coldly and even cheating on her. He used her and had her buy a lot of things for her. He is the worst. I was not impressed. I felt that Gab Soon was a fool letting him take advantage of her like that.

Let's Drink
Simulcast on Drama Fever

Thos actually was pretty good. It is about a prep school teacher whose school goes under and is hired at an academy who has just hired a prep academy star teacher. The guy is stuck up and looks down on others. And he is really looking down on this young woman who didn't go to a good school and doesn't even have a teachers certificate. He also keeps seeing her in situations where she is sucking up to people. Then when she throws a rumor in his face about him not being a Soeul University graduate he dislikes her even more. He then shows proof he is a alumni and won't forgive her. The series is filmed very well. I especially like how the drinking scenes are filmed. The beauty of the drink as it fills the glass, the food sizziling on the grill. It is a scene that is beatiful and makes you want to be partaking of it. The pacing of the story and dialouge is interesting. Seeing the contrast between the charachters drinking in social situations where you have to act a certain way contrasted with drinking by yourself and being free to relax or deal with negative feelings is interesting. I think the writer and director did a good job of making you care about the charachters and want to see what happens next.