Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall 2016 Simulcast part II: Arrogance, Bodyguard, shopping, law, design

So I am way behind on watching new series due to being ill and school work. But I have managed to check a few titles out  in my study breaks this last week. I will be checking more out soon.

One Percent of Something
Simulcast of Drama fever

This is a remake of an older drama called One Percent of Anything. You can watch both series on Drama Fever. You can see there are similarities and differences in the scripts. Basically the story is about a kindhearted teacher who helps an old man. The old man just happens to be a wealthy man with an ill tempered grandson. He decides that in order to reform his grandson he is going to write his will saying that he is leaving the teacher his money and to get it his grandson needs to marry her or whoever she marries will get the fortune. The grandson and the teacher though find that they do not like each other much. But they enter into a contract relationship to date for 6 months. It seems like it could be a lot of fun.

The K2
Simulcast on Drama Fever

I am going to admit that first trailer I saw for the series made me not to excited about the series. But when i finally got around to watching it this weekend I was like Wow this is awesome. And looking the 3rd trailer does the best job of describing what this series is about.

What we have here is an absolutely fascinating action kdrama. We have an excellent cast, a great soundtrack, exciting action scenes, and thrilling political drama. This is no cute romantic comedy. This is a serious action series about a man who is framed for the death of his fiancee and while on the run finds someone he wants to protect as well as an evil person who is a common enemy of the one who ruined his life. This is a tale of revenge and love. I am really excited to see the rest of this series.

Shopping King Louie
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a spoiled and sheltered chaebol who is a shopaholic. At 25 he is pretty immature and has no friends. His hobby though is shopping. He has an ability to pick out rare and limited edition items saying that they speak to him. After his parents died when he was young his grandma sent him to live in France since a fortune teller told her that she is extremely unlucky and that if she wanted him to live a long life to keep him far away from her. While watching a documentary on people who live in remote areas in Korea he becomes enchanted with the girl showing the cameraman around. The girl lives with her grandmother and brother in the mountains and gathers edible plants. After the show was filmed though her younger brother ran away and her grandmother became ill.One day she finds an old ginseng root and when she gets home to give it to her grandmother she finds the old woman has passed away. On her way to Seoul to find her brother she is robbed. So all she has left is the 50 year ginseng. She sees someone at the station who looks like he could buy it and stops him. He agrees to take it for a deposit and find out if it is real and then give her the rest. He happens to be the director of the shopping mall run by Louie's family and his mom wants him married. His mom even went to a fortune teller. Apparently he will meet his fate soon, a man and a woman will be coming from far away. When Louie's grandmother becomes sick she informs the rest of the family she intends to leave Gold Group to Louie and not the ones who lived in Korea and worked for the company. Louie returned to Korea on hearing his grandmother was ill. On the way he gets in a car accident and loses his memory. He then meets the girl Bok Sil. Since it looks like he is wearing her brother's clothing she decides to take care of him in case he gets his memory back and can help her instead of letting the police send him to a facility. So now his family thinks he is dead. This romantic comedy at first I found annoying because Louie is very childish. But as the first episode went on I became more interested and the second episode was even better. It looks like it will be zany and fun.

Woman With the Suitcase
Simulcast on Viki

This is about a brilliant paralegal who has the ability to be a top notch attorney but failed the bar 5 times because of test anxiety. After taking on a case that involves a hidden conspiracy she is sent to prison for violating the law and over stepping her boundaries into the job of an attorney. She loses everything: job, husband, home, and reputation. However, there is one person who wants to help her not only once more become successful but to help her become an attorney. That person is a former prosecutor turned paparazzi. He had been involved with a similar case in the past which caused him to leave his career behind. This series seems to be pretty good. We have corruption in the law system, as well as someone who even with a set back is working hard to survive. Even though the paparazzi seems like he shouldn't care about what happens to this woman we learn that this is a man with a heart. Even when he knows some information he doesn't always reveal it if it will harm someone. He is an interesting character who is still haunted by that last case he handled as a prosecutor and he has been investigating the case that sent the paralegal to prison in secret.  Both cases are related but can they get justice for the people who were harmed to cover up this crime perpetrated by someone who is rich and connected. I am really enjoying this so far.

Customized Love
Simulcast on Viki

This is another series about a woman whose career is ruined. This time it is  an up and coming designer who suddenly finds herself robbed of her money and her client. Now she can't pay the bills for her shop so she is forced to close the business. As she struggles to make her ends meet she keeps meeting a mechanic who is a former race car driver. Even though they have a bad start apparently they are going to fall in love  and she is going to try to force him to fit into her unrealistic list of expectations. I haven't gotten to that part yet but the series description claims this is what the series is about. I am not really sure about this series yet.