Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a Wonderful World

After watching the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance trailer and seeing the World Ends with you (original japanese title literally meaning Its a Wonderful World) crossover, I said you know i wonder what this game is like. When i had first read the premise I was like I don't know if I really want to play this game. Afterall its a game about a group of people who are dead and they have been choosen to play the reaper games in which they have to complete missions in order to win a chance to come back to life. That description didn't sound really appealing to me. However, after seeing the trailer for the new Kingdom Hearts game I thouht maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to look into this game.  So I looked up some reviews of the game. The reviews and the trailer togerther plus a buy one get one half off game sale on amazon convinced me to try t he game.

I'm into the 3rd day of the reaper games. So i've been playing for about 2 hours total. First off the art is very very stylized. It has kind of a Urban graffiti feel to it. Even with that you can see this is defiently Nomura-sensei's charachter design. The music is good too. It's not a classical score really but pop music like. Though I have to say that you get to hear one song in particular so even though i like the song it gets a bit annoying after a while. Intresting enough the soundtrack is by the same composer who did Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

NOw for the story part. The Main charachter, Sakuraba Neku, is a antisocial guy who has amnesia. He wakes up and finds himself in the crosswalk in Shibuya and is confused. He discovers he has the ability to read peoples minds and that no one can hear him. Also there are strange creatures attacking him. A girl named Shiki comes and tells him the only way for them to survive is to become partners so he joins her and they defeat the creatures. She trys to convince him that they  have been choosen as players in the Reapers games and that they have 7 days to do misions and to try to survive. Neku doesn't believe her and doesn't even want to be with other people. He takes some convincing. I have to say the story is actually more intresting then i thought. Players of the reaper games traped in Shibya fighting for their lives.

Now the battle system is different then anything else i've played and its a bit on the tricky side. I have mostly been ranked E and the highest i've mangaed is C for battle outcome. On the bottom scream you use the stylus to control Neku. On the top screan you have shiki, and you use the dpad or the buttons on the opposite side to control her actions. Now you also have to pass the puck between screans during battale to increase the finishing blow. And to do that you need to control the charachter who has it. Plus you need to watch both charachters health. It's a bit awkward. For one thing Shiki has an ai so when your controling Neku shes fine in part. But when controling shiki Neku is just standing there getting attacked. I think the battle system is going to take me time to get used to. At least i've worked out how to manage to unleash a combo attack.

One intresting feature of the game is that at one point in the game you get a function where you can turn your game off and while your away your Pins that you have equipped will level. You can do this for up to 7 days. So you just turn your game off and you can level your attacks up without doing anything.  Also all the charachter information and stuff is controled through the cell phone

So overall I have to say the story is intresting and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. I wish i had picked this up earlier.